Certified Gravel Supplies

Shaun Ward manages our sand and gravel division. It is a vital resource for expansion and development activities serving as foundation for roads, dairy lanes, levelling a site after a demolition to the domestic jobs like reapplying gravel to your driveway.

We operate our own gravel screen so whatever gravel type you need, we can deliver to you locally here in Invercargill or to where ever you are in Southland.

Quality Top Soil

Needing your garden soil replaced? We have quality top soil in stock and ready to be delivered to your place. However much you need, we can deliver to your place.

If it’s not listed here it doesn’t mean we don’t have it.  Give Shaun Ward a call today on 03 221 7192.



SUB BASE $8.00 per tonne
AP65-PIT RUN (Certified & Tested) $10.00 per tonne
4-7MM WASH (RICE) $9.00 per tonne
7-14MM WASH (PEA) $18.00 per tonne
14-22MM WASH (19MM) $18.00 per tonne
20-40MM WASH $18.00 per tonne
5MM WASH SAND $18.00 per tonne
> 40MM REJECTS $18.00 per tonne
AP25 (TOP COURSE) $18.00 per tonne
AP14 (LANE / BEDDING) $18.00 per tonne
CONCRETE GRAVEL $18.00 per tonne
UNSCREENED TOPSOIL $20.00 per tonne
BLUE ROCK $22.00 per tonne

Wood Products

SAWDUST $18.00 per m3
BARK $18.00 per m3
SHAVINGS $19.00 per m3
EXPORT CHIP $23.00 per m3


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